Is Romney About To Get Michael Vicked?

February 13, 2012

As any fan of The Simpsons knows, it’s critical for politicians to like dogs and children. Can a candidate win with only one out of two? The group Dogs Against Romney might have something to say about that:

Woof woof. A group of “Dogs against Romney” plan to gather outside the Westminster dog show at Madison Square Garden tomorrow.

Their beef? A 1983 incident when Romney put the family dog, Seamus, on the roof of his station wagon for a 12-hour drive from Boston to Ontario. …

Dogs against Romney, is the brainchild of Scott Crider, an Alabama online marketing and social media specialist and lifelong dog owner, who was shocked to read about Seamus in 2007. “I started Dogs Against Romney as a free blog the next day,” Crider said. “I was just mortified that somebody would put a live animal on top of their car and drive for 12 hours.”

Let the record show that NFL players have played the Super Bowl while being accused of murder or convicted of DUI manslaughter and not garnered a fraction of the protests that Michael Vick faced in his dogfighting scandal. If Seamus proves to be the pooch that takes down the Romney campaign, I can’t think of a greater indictment of the rest of the field. Seamus for President!